Anchor Scriptures: Acts 7:38, Romans 3:2, Hebrews 5:12, 1 Peter 4:11, John 1:19-23


We have arrived at a junction where we need to wake up as Christians. We need to wake up as believers. The mystery is that we have more of powerless, weak and unserious Christians. We have more of one leg in, one leg out Christians. We have those who were once on fire for God before but not anymore. We have those who were delivered from bondages before and are now into the same bondage again. We have those who think God does not see what they are doing. We have more of baby Christians now, it is exhibited in the way they talk, think and do things generally. One thing we need is more of God’s oracles. If we have more of God’s oracles spread out everywhere, the world will be burning for God.
Many who are supposed to be on fire for God have been totally destroyed by SIN, God have deleted their names from his divine computer. If they want to be revived, there is still a way out. There is no point being in church and you are not in His divine agenda.

We will be discussing what it means to be an Oracle of God and How to be a mouth piece of God.

What does it mean to be an oracle of God?

1. It means you speak words that matter in heaven and also matter in Hell. That is why when those sons of sceva spoke to the demons, the demons responded saying Jesus we know, Paul we know, but who are you? Acts 19:11-20
2. It means to be a mouth piece of God.
3. It means for God’s words in your mouth to be as powerful as God’s words in God’s mouth.
4. It means to speak words that are vomited into your spirit by God. It means you’re not the one talking but the Holy Spirit gets you into gear.
5. It means to speak as God’s prophet. To speak prophetic words.
6. It means to have a mouth that utters divine utterances. Would to God that there will be somebody here, that will say, ‘father write down my name, I want to become a divine mouth piece’.
7. It means to become a voice from heaven. Look at John 1. Remember that when John was born, an angel came to Zachariah his father and gave prophecies about John the Baptist. John 1:19-23. John called himself a voice. A divine oracle is a voice. A voice is no longer a person. It is the voice that works and not a person. It is the voice that works and not the volume of the voice.
When a man or woman is close to God, he/she will be hearing His voice until he or she becomes a voice. John himself became a voice, not a noise. It is an important prayer to say, ‘Lord make me a voice and not a noise’. A voice does not operate itself, it is invincible but you can hear it. When you become a divine oracle, people hear a voice that carries a message. You become a voice that your generation will listen to. It is when you’re not a voice that you can say ‘I command you evil spirit to come out’, like that my friend a bishop that commanded a voice to shut up.

G.O narrates a real life incident:
He had a friend who was a bishop. He was called that there was a woman who was possessed and that she sat down in her sitting room starring at the ceiling and smiling. He went there and prayed and said ‘You demon, I command you to come out in the name of Jesus’. The demon replied and said ‘Bishop, I command you to shut up in the name of Jesus’. He was trying to pray for a woman in London. He said ‘you cannot silence me, for I’m a man of God, you demon get out in the name of Jesus’. The demon spoke again and said bishop, may 18, you slept with one of our members, I command you to shut up in the name of Jesus. It was at that time, bishop reversed and said over to you, Dr. D.K Olukoya.

G.O narrates another real life incident:
Many years, He listened to the great evangelist Reinhard Bonnke. He had an open crusade many years ago for the blind, the lame and all kinds of people with infirmities. The crusade was to hold between the evening session of the day but to his amazement, the next midday, the revival ground was still very full with all kinds of people.
He didn’t plan to preach that day as there was an invited guest preacher for the program. He decided to go to the guest house where the guest minister lodged. To his amazement upon getting there, he saw the guest minister packing his bags and said ‘he was going, and that God asked him to go’. He went to another room and knelt down praying to God.
As he mounted the pulpit, he saw God appeared to him and said ‘speak the words in your mouth, they are as powerful as the words in my mouth’ so he gave him authority over all his creatures.
As he was speaking and his heart pummeled, he said to the people with all kinds of sickness to look at the alter, ‘there is a man with white garment who has solutions to all their problems today’ and miracles happened greatly at the crusade.

The scarcity of the power of God is not the fault of heaven, it is the unavailability of men to be used. The harvest is indeed plenty but the laborers are few. It is not because heaven doesn’t want to dish out power, it is the scarcity of unusable men and women.
God isn’t looking for ability, He is looking for availability. Will you be busy talking about other people when you should be looking at your own matter? Everything that is happening around us now, if oracles of God gather together for prayer and fellowship, they will silence everything in minutes.
If ten oracles of God gather and pray, they are more powerful than ten thousand unserious praying Christians. God is looking for prophets and prophetess who will silence the storms of darkness.

God is very judicious with heavenly resources. As long as there are unusable men, men and women who are not available, God makes a Make-shift arrangement for temporary calmness. That is why some Christians may be speaking in tongues, but they are reporting themselves to God. Many Christians do crash program holiness but at the slightest flint, they backslide.

Critical things to look at before you become the mouth piece of God:

1. The condition of your heart. There are many people God is regretting over their lives. Check your heart very well. There are many people who are not making progress. God pegged their progress because of what he saw in their heart. That is why it is important to pray this prayer: ‘Any evil thing planted in my heart that has not manifested now, but will manifest and cause evil in future, Lord remove it now in the name of Jesus’.

The name of Jesus is credit worthy any day. A slave can be in the family for a while using facilities, one day the slave may be asked to go. There are many slaves in the church today, many slaves in the choir, slaves in the prayer warrior team, slaves in the ushering team; e.t.c. A slave cannot be the mouth piece of the Almighty. Check the state of your heart, is it right with God? Prov.23:7
2. You must not entangle yourself with worldly affairs. Worldliness must go if you want to become his mouth piece. 2 Timothy 2:4
3. We need clean hands and pure hearts. The Bible says who shall ascend in the hills of the Lord? psalm 24
4. We must not be using our mouth for vanity. The Bible says any man who desires life must keep his tongue from evil.Psalm34:12-18
5. You must be an addict of prayer and the word of God. 1 Thess.5:17
6. You must be free from all demonic influences.
Psalm 50:15-23. In those few verses you read, you can now see why men are not God’s oracles.
Bow down your heads, and ask the Lord to forgive you in every area you have sinned and pray this prayers:

1. Oh God arise, make me a voice in the name of Jesus.
2. Oh God arise, make me a voice in my generation in the name of Jesus.
3. Oh God arise, silence my silencers in the name of Jesus.
4. Thou voice of my glory, refuse to be quiet, manifest by fire in the name of Jesus.
5. My glory, captured in the prison of marine witchcraft, come out now in the name of Jesus.
6. Every blessing that I’ve lost in my old house, come back now in the name of Jesus.
7. Wicked bullets flying at nights against me, backfire in the name of Jesus.
8. Satanic doctors drinking the blood of my virtue, vomit it in the name of Jesus.

In this Unprecedented times we need to wake up as believers to be a voice and bring revival to the world, we can only do that if we are right with God as we have stated above.

If you are not sure of your salvation, please say the prayer below to be guaranteed of being an oracle of God.

Dear Lord Jesus Christ, what a wonderful savior you are.
You suffered persecutions and death for the sake of saving my soul.
I understand that you have paid the debt of my sins in full through your resurrection power.
Therefore, I declare my faith in you that you are Jesus Christ, the Son of God
I confess you as my Lord, and I accept you as my Personal Savior.
I repent of my sins. Henceforth, I will serve you with all my heart.
I will faithfully follow you throughout the days of my life. So help me God!
In Jesus Christ name I pray. Amen.

Original Message by D.K.O and edited by Hettiesflame

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