Anchor Scriptures: Mark 1:35, Genesis 32:22-28, Isaiah 30:15, Mark 4:34

Mark 1:35 (KJV)

And in the morning, rising up a great while before day, he went out, and departed into a solitary place, and there prayed.


The way we engage, abide and relate with God at a particular time matters a lot. The mind is a battle field we need to take control of it at all times to be fruitful in life. God is calling us to a deeper relationship with him as deep calleth unto deep. Psalm 42:7

The secret of strength lies in quietness; being quiet. And quietness is greatly praised in the bible. Noise does not depict strength: it has been well said that an empty barrel makes the loudest noise.

We will look into a few example of Quiet powerful forces in nature, What solitude means, Biblical examples of those who were alone with God, How to be alone with God, Questions to self, Benefits of being alone with God and Conclusion.

Examples of quiet forces in nature

It is the quiet forces that are most powerful:

  • A Time of conception (No one knows the actual day a child was conceived in the womb, the conception blossoms into full pregnancy, delivery and into a grown man or woman.
  • The Wind we knoweth not where it blows from, but everyone feels it.
  • The Force of light that outshines darkness
  • The Force of gravitation
  • Electromagnetism etc.

What is Solitude?

If we must be strong and great in life, we must learn quietness. The reason for our shallowness is lack of quiet time; we are always busy. Thankfully, COVID-19 has helped us to slow down on our busy schedules to engage more with God.

Solitude is a state of being lonely by choice. There is power in being alone with God. The greatest men who have made impact are the ones who have been quiet and alone with God.

Being alone with God has a therapeutic renewing, re-energizing and strengthening power. It is when we are alone with God he is able to mould us to what he can use. There are things that men will never learn when other men are around them. A time alone with yourself and alone with God will transform you to a better version of yourself.

In a solitude state, a man gains strength. Solitude is the audience chamber of God.

Silence is resting your mind. Silence is to the spirit what sleep is to the body: it strengthens, refreshes and renews.

God reveals our purpose from a position of our rest in him.

God comes to us in our quiet moments to speak and to teach.Quietness could defend you from destruction. We should cultivate strategic quietness.

Solitude is the price of greatness. It helps you achieve greatness.

Biblical Examples of Those Who Were Quiet and Heard From God

  1. Abraham was called a friend of God in the bible, we still talk about Abraham and claiming his blessings long after his demise- Isaiah 41: 8
  2. Moses was tending to the flocks of Jethro alone when the Lord spoke to him- Ex 3:1-15
  3. Jacob was alone with God where he wrestled and his name was changed to Israel. Gen32:24-30
  4. Enoch walked so close to God and never tasted death, for God took him. Gen 5:24
  5. Noah was one of God’s favourite, God gave him step by step guide on how to build the ark even when people thought he was mad, he stuck with God- Gen 6:14-16

Most powerful prophets of old sought God alone and their lives changed for the better.

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